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Healing Sibling Relationships, Part 2

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The dynamics of sibling relationships are a hidden but very important influence in our life. We will often lose part of the person we are created to be, as we try to deal with the complexities of these interactions. And we pick up baggage that God never intended to be part of our life.

We consider four common roles that can become part of our identity – either intentionally or inadvertently. They each change the authority structure of the spiritual landscape of the family and require things of us that change us in an unhelpful way; the carer, the passive one, the peace-maker and the boss. The 5 steps to let go of these roles are not difficult – but they require our proactive choice to pursue healing.

There are other complexities too, such as the loss that frequently accompanies sibling relationships and the challenge of blended families.  We also dip into the topic of parenting siblings and discuss the most effective thing you can do to make a difference – which is of course your own journey.

By the end of this audio you will have a much clearer insight into the impact of sibling relationships in your life and some very practical steps to let go of the history and open up the possibility of a more healed relationship for the future, if that is what you both choose.

Track #1: A question of authority

Track #2: The gap between God’s intent and our experience

Track #3: 4 unhealthy sibling roles

Track #4: Laying down an unwelcome role

Track #5: There’s more loss than you realise

Track #6: Parenting siblings

Track #7: Blended family siblings

Track #8: Growing adult sibling relationships?

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