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Fireside Chat #5

Knowing About God or Knowing God. The White Robes of Christ.
Mothers & sons. Facing the truth about mum 

Disc/Track 1: 

Martinʼs testimony: A christian who lost the reality of Christ and the spiritual world.

How can Godʼs love transform our lives if we cut ourselves off from our spiritual nature?

Peterʼs Sermon: The grace of God clothes us in the white robes of Christ; symbolic of who we are becoming in Christ. How to let the righteousness of Christʼs covering permeate every area of your life. 

Horrible Habits: Admiring your white robes, or absorbed in your black robes. Practice the opposite! 

Womanʼs testimony: Having Christ but not seeing any evidence of His Power in my life.

Disc/Track 2:

Facing the truth about our mothers– identify what was not Godʼs best for your childhood.

Mothers and sons: A womanʼs instinct to mold her little boyʼs character works against a boyʼs growth into independence and manhood.

Men, ask the Lord to talk to you about your manhood and personal identity, and becoming the man you were created to be in Christ.

Noellaʼs testimony: Separating herself from her motherʼs lies and coldness, choosing the Lord instead. 

List the things you most fear discovering. This is not about blame and losing your mother forever, this is about facing truth. Then find freedom in Christ to honor your mother the way God intended.

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