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Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned: Responding to the Rwandan Genocide

Christ Walks Where Evil ReignedEmmanuel M. Kolini and Peter R. Holmes

In 100 days in 1994 one million people lost their lives in Rwanda and many more were raped, tortured or orphaned. Ten years later many thousands were still living with the unresolved trauma, pain and unanswered questions. How could such evil be unleashed, evil that turned ‘ordinary’ people into murderers, where friends, family and neighbours turned against each other and church leaders condoned unthinkable violence?

Using Rwanda as a case study Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned explores how we can understand and respond to such evil in our world. How can hate accrue over many years and feel justified, even to the most loving of people? Where was God when the people cried out? The book explores such painful questions, offering new understandings on suffering and the power of darkness.

Most importantly the former Archbishop of Rwanda and Dr Holmes have joined together to suggest how so many profoundly damaged people can support each other in mutual journeys of healing and wholeness. They propose a lay-led program, optionally combined with a discipleship journey, to let go of the pain, anger, loss and fear and discover that freedom from such a toxic past is possible.

List Price: £10.75


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