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Introducing Christ Church Deal, Kent, UK

Peter and Susan, along with others, were founding members of Christ Church Deal (CCD) back in 1998. From its earliest beginnings with just 24 adults plus kids, it has grown and matured as a faith community.

Peter and Susan continue to be involved where they are able, but have handed over the day to day running of the congregation to six Elders, three men and three women.

The community has some interesting features in that the church is also a therapeutic community, and offers ongoing support to those who have become damaged by life’s journey. It is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and also of the Community of Communities Project of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

But Christ Church Deal also includes a high number of members from a non-Christian background, along with a higher number than usual of single people.

Several of the books published by Peter and Susan (Changed Lives, Trinity in Human Community and Becoming More Human) draw from the learning experience of starting CCD, while some of the academic research they have conducted has used data from this community.

If you are interested in learning more go to their website  Christ Church Deal.

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