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Our Work in UK

In our work and ministry we combine our professional careers in business with a life-long interest in walking with and serving the Lord. This integration has meant that both worlds have always contributed to each other. This has also been a great benefit to us and those we are able to serve and support.

In essence it has enabled us to make bold decisions in a pragmatic and clear way, and to refuse the ‘its not possible’ philosophy of much of Western culture. Also, it has meant that if a thing cannot be done one way, we can always try other approaches, or use a different tool or perspective. Such business pragmatism also shrugs-off the idea that we must do a thing in a certain way simply because we have always done it that way, maybe because it worked in the past. Instead, we seek to be more creative and objective, always looking for innovative solutions and dynamics for people to become more like Christ.

But other benefits have also flowed from our business and Christian service. For instance, when speaking to people outside the church we have found it much easier to talk about Christian ideas and values in the language of psychology and post-Christian spirituality. Talking this way is valued and respected by those outside the church. It makes the message of the church more accessible to them.

So in order to work in both fields we have set up a charity, the Life Giving Trust. But we also have a business that handles all the commercial aspects of our therapeutic and church work, called Discipleship Ltd. In addition we have a training company Putting People First (formerly MTI Ltd), that offers a variety of consultancy, troubleshooting and other services, and a company providing rehabilitation services to those in need, CTR Ltd. Finally we work closely with our own local church, Christ Church Deal, which is also a therapeutic community registered with the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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