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Our Work in Turkey

Our work in Turkey goes back to the early 1970’s when Peter Holmes was part of a church planting team in Istanbul. Peter and Susan have been going back on a regular basis since the late 1980’s to do teaching and special events like pastors conferences.

What is particularly on our hearts is to help teach believers to spiritually clean themselves up with the Lord’s help. We all carry baggage from all the hooks that are part of the darkness and sin that we all carry. But in cultures like Turkey this makes a new believer particularly vulnerable to others and the Enemy. 

We have also published Letting God Heal, Susan’s memoir, in Turkish.  If you are interested in ordering that click here.

There are also a few videos posted on YouTube of sessions that were taught in Turkey in January 2014.  Each session is taught in English with Turkish translation. The workshop was titled, 12 Steps to Freedom in Christ.  The brochure for the workshop can be found here and the links to each session are below.

Session 1

  • Made in His image – spiritual creatures
  • How God Sees us (Living in Truth) – spiritual house & baggage list

Session 2

  • Why be a Christian and discipleship as a journey (3 stages)

Session 3

  • Hearing God’s Voice

Session 4

  • The importance of our feelings
  • Introducing homework (responsibility for personal change)
  • Removing hooks (spiritual surgery)

Session 5

  • Sunday Sermon – Knowing Jehovah Rapha

Session 6

  • Choosing relationships that heal
  • Q&A Session

Session 7

  • Q&A Session (continued)
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