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(For a list of all our current upcoming events and to register, please visit our calendar.)

God has called all of us to be lifelong learners – for to become more like Christ will take us all a lifetime! So we all need to be part of a program of ongoing transformative personal and relational change.

But most of this change will not happen while we are busy doing other things. Instead, such change is the direct result of what we intentionally seek to learn, then what we apply to our own lives. It has to be personally chosen by us and then practiced on an ongoing basis.

Ideas and concepts, along with the help of God and other people will all be key facilitators in this journey. So both long-term commitment, a desire to change, and a willingness to learn are all essential in beginning to mature in Christ.

We have a growing range of workshops & training programs that we deliver whenever and where ever we are invited. Where possible we also like to be accompanied by a team who are ‘experts-by-experience’ in the material we are teaching. They have seen it work effectively in their own lives and are now ready to share their experience with others.

If you do not have a Christian background that is not a problem for us. The journey that we describe and teach will work for anyone, Christian or otherwise, because God has designed us that way, to help all of us in our own journey toward greater wholeness. For this reason we are very pleased to welcome people of faith or of no faith.

Our suggestion to those without a church background is that you must feel free to ignore any parts of the teaching which do not feel relevant to you. We are comfortable with this, as it means we are able to help you tailor our programs more toward your personal needs. Much as we do within a business or therapeutic paradigm where a Christian perspective would be inappropriate. Christ throughout His ministry healed people before they began becoming His disciples. 

Morrisby Profile/Psychometric Assessment

Among other tools in our toolbox, both Susan and Peter are Assessors with the Morrisby Organization based in the UK. The Morrisby Profile is a psychometric assessment that takes three hours to do, in exam conditions, and will give you a clear understanding of what you are naturally good at doing. It does not measure intelligence, but natural ability. Once you know your skill set you will be much more able to target your learning and education into areas where you are already holding abilities. For more information, click here.

Invite us to support your ministry

We have a simple philosophy in our ministry… We go where we are invited!

As business psychologists and sociologists, as well as Christian leaders we have learned that no situation is simple, no answers easy and almost everything is much more complicated than at first appears!

So we may not be the people that you need. But on the other hand we may be the ideal choice. We are not convinced we can help you, but would be pleased to talk with you about serving you, if you wish.

What becomes clear as we talk together is where the Lord might be in these matters. Is their a natural fit? Also what needs to be done to resolve whatever it is that needs resolving!

So you can either invite us to bring one of our existing workshop programmes or let us tailor something specifically for you. You may already be aware of a specific area of training and development that is needed within your orbit? As qualified trainers, management consultants and pastoral therapists we would be pleased to put together a program specifically for the needs of one of your leadership teams or your church, or to work with you in a consultancy capacity in your organization

Alternately, if you are an individual interested in a particular workshop we will let you know where that program is next being held.

Please feel free to contact us to explore these opportunities.

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