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Fireside Chat #33

Solutions, Decisions & Choices

Disc/Track #1

There is always a solution!

Six Points to help us explore solutions:

  • Point 1- Our history shapes our future unless we do something about it; Undoing failure, blame, curses and passivity.
  • Point 2 – Be willing to look for the ideal in every situation; Really admit what you want, influence outcomes, create solutions. “I am going to believe in ME and my God!”

Disc/Track #2

Solutions = Miracles… If you are not willing to look beyond what is “sensible”, you close down the potential of a life full of miracles.

Six Points to help us explore solutions (cont.)

  • Point 3 – What you change in the spiritual world creates change in your physical world; Learning to live in both worlds at same time.
  • Point 4 – Don’t give responsibility to God – the issue of guidance. God says, “What do you want?”
  • Point 5 – How to live a life believing in and creating solutions. Take time to think the problem through, be creative, invite the Lord’s wisdom
  • Point 6 – Treat all your decisions as a process


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