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Meeting Jesus Together: Introducing Salugenic Community

Meeting Jesus TogetherSusan B. Williams and Peter R. Holmes

Everyone that met Christ was changed as a result of their encounter with Him. And Scripture promises that where two or three are gathered, God is present in our midst. So what should we expect, when we are together in small groups and in congregations?

Meeting Jesus Together suggests that the Christian life should be a journey full of moments of significant change as we each become more like Christ. Such growth requires authentic intentional relationships with like-minded others, who can meet together with Christ in their midst.

Discover how to form a salugenic community – a small group where wholeness-creating relationships are the norm. What are its values? How can you ensure that salugenic moments that create transformative change are the norm? Based on practical experience over many years this book makes such groups possible for any who are willing to commit to them.

List Price: £13.50

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