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Church as a Safe Place: A Handbook Confronting, Resolving and Minimizing Abuse in the Church

Church As A Safe PlacePeter R. Holmes and Susan B. Williams

Churches should be safe places, safe for visitors, safe for members and safe for staff. Yet stories of hurt, betrayal and other forms of abuse abound. Can anything be done?

This book is motivated by a passion to see churches become consistently safe places for all who interact with them. Based on many years of church leadership and pastoral counselling the authors explore each area of church life and propose guidelines to help increase the potential for safety. This includes:

  • a description of the five main types of abuse
  • social dynamics and how to create relationships of honor
  • safe leadership
  • new models for pastoral care
  • keeping theology safe
  • what to do when things go wrong
  • how to be a safe person

The book includes stories of those who have been hurt, questions for discussion and application and principles for a new foundation for ‘Tomorrow’s Church’.

List Price: £13.50

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