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Rapha Journey Books

In our ministry we have a passion for the power of words to teach, to change lives and to create whole new ways of living. Whether words are spoken or written, they have the power to transform. All we must do is choose to live them, learning how to let them change us.

So each of our books are designed to bring change, to create greater wholeness and Christ-likeness, in the lives of individuals, churches and small groups.

Although our books are written from a Christian perspective and most will be more suitable for those who wish to grow a deeper relationship with God, much of the practical teaching and application will be helpful and work for anyone who is willing to admit that they need help. Let us help you walk this road toward greater personal wholeness.

God's Feelings, Our Feelings
God's Feelings, Our Feelings written by Peter R. Holmes & Susan B. Williams looks biblically at the healing power of emotion.

Pre-order now! Official release date is October 3rd.
Letting God Heal
Letting God Heal written by Susan B. Williams & Peter R. Holmes describes Susan's journey of healing and wholeness, including principles that will help others find healing.

Changed Lives
Changed Lives, written by Peter R. Holmes and Susan B. Williams, is an introductory book, with compelling stories of healing.
Meeting Jesus Together
This book written by Susan B. Williams & Peter R. Holmes explores how small group and church life can bring transformative change.
Becoming More Like Christ
This book written by Peter R. Holmes and Susan B. Williams introduces Christ-likeness, how we pursue it, and its connection with wholeness.
Church as a Safe Place
Church as a Safe Place, written by Peter R. Holmes & Susan B. Williams asks what changes we need in our churches to ensure they are safe for all.
Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned
Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned, written by Emmanuel M. Kolini and Peter R. Holmes, uses the tragedy of the Rwandan genocide to consider the issue of evil, suffering and how to bring healing to a nation.
The Fasting Journey
This book, written by Peter R. Holmes teaches how to begin to fast and how to grow the discipline safely into extended fasting.
Trinity in Human Community
Trinity in Human Community, written by Peter R. Holmes, considers God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and explores how the social Trinity can be a model of community for local church life.
Becoming More Human
Becoming More Human, written by Peter R. Holmes, is a theological and psychological exploration of the Rapha Journey.
Rethinking Life
Rethinking Life, written by Emmanuel Kolini and Peter R. Holmes, reflects on the impact of the Western missionary movement on African spirituality. Emmanuel Kolini was until recently the Anglican Archbishop of Rwanda (now retired).
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