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Healthy Ways of Handling Conflict, Audio Workshop

Conflict is part of the cut and thrust of daily life. Whether we are the person precipitating the conflict or whether we are simply caught up in someone else’s battle, conflict is all around us. Sometimes it even feels like the conflict is going on in us!  It leaves many of us feeling uncomfortable and perhaps even quite powerless. Are you someone who tries to avoid conflict at all costs or do you have a variety of ways to manage those tricky relational moments?

There are a range of reasons that explain why women find conflict difficult.* In this workshop Susan Williams, the Pastor of Healing and Wholeness at Journey Church, where this workshop was originally taught, will help you understand your own and others’ responses to conflict. She identifies strategies and resources that you can use to help diffuse conflict and let loose more of God’s Love and Wisdom into challenging situations.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Map the challenges that conflict creates
  • Have some strategies to respond conflict
  • Be familiar with several de-escalation techniques
  • Know how to find healing from historic conflict

*This workshop was originally taught as a women’s only event. 

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