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Homework, Diagnostics & Growing the New

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Date(s) - Sep 01 - Sep 03


Many of us know what our problems are, since we face them every day of our lives! Some are huge while others appear small. But what we often do not know is the ‘how to’. In our ministry we so often hear people cry ‘just tell me what to do – I’ll do anything to be free!’ The challenge of how to move into new areas of growth is very similar – ‘how can I change, how can I be more of who I’m created to be, how can I know Christ more deeply?’

This Workshop will include teaching and personal diagnostics, to help identify with precision both what the real issues and drives are and then how to undo them. We will also provide small group ministry to help you find the breakthrough and positive change you are looking for. For Christ’s Kingdom to come, all of us need to learn how to cross these thresh-holds to become more of the person we were created to be.

Subsidies are available if needed.  Please contact our UK office for more details.

If you are needing some accommodations for the workshop, check out this B & B:
The Roast House Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Deal – http://www.roasthouselodge.com

Homework, Diagnostics & Growing the New Workshop
Homework, Diagnostics & Growing the New Workshop

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