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Introducing Peter

Peter R. Holmes

Peter R. Holmes

Peter has been on a long journey with Christ from the early 1960′s. On this journey he has learned a lot, forgotten much, and made numerous mistakes. Some mistakes he has even been very public about. (See the preface of Church as a Safe Place).

In terms of his Christian background, Peter is a graduate of London Bible College, with an MA from London University in pastoral care and psychology, and a PhD from the Queen’s Foundation, University of Birmingham. He is also a Member of the Tyndale Fellowship. He has helped to plant several churches, and written numerous books.

Professionally, as a business psychologist and trainer, Peter is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, is on the national executive of the Association of Therapeutic Communities, and is a Lead Reviewer with the  Community of Communities Project (part of the Royal College of Psychiatrists).

Mary, Peter’s wife of 40 years, hails from Iowa, though her family are now spread across the USA. Peter and Mary base their home on Tiki Island, Texas as well as in the south east of England just outside Dover, Kent. Their son Christopher is a trainer and philosopher, living on both continents.

View Peter’s complete CV here.

Peter & Mary Holmes and their son Christopher.

Peter & Mary Holmes and their son Christopher.

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