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As our ministry has grown over the last several decades we have continually asked the question – What is it that we have to offer through the Holy Spirit to both those in need and/or those within the church seeking deeper relationship with Christ? We have discovered that through a mixture of teaching, training and a more tailored mentoring approach we can help individuals, groups and churches to fulfill more of their potential in Christ. That is, to disciple them in ways that impact all areas of their lives. 

Our background combines business and training, research and therapeutic work together over many years, alongside church planting and church growth. We bring a high level of hands on pragmatism with all these skills. We are not content with just teaching and envisioning. We also focus very specifically on the how-to-do-it, the step-by-step approaches that turn Biblical ideas into a new way of life in Christ. Also our approach is collaborative – what we mean by this is that we help you identify what your own options are, what your own values are, what your calling in Christ really means to you. Then we support you in achieving this through our training programs.

We are also developing these ideas academically, looking beyond our own calling and practices. We work alongside local congregations, helping to equip them for both local church life and wider mission. We also offer training for Christian leaders and those who want to learn to help others. All our resources and programs are intended to help support a persons ongoing discipleship journey – your journey into greater wholeness.

In all that we offer we are always seeking to answer the often-heard basic question, ‘how do I do that?’. Therefore most of our programmes are tailored to the needs of the participants. No two events are alike, so be warned!

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What We Bring Academically


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What We Bring To Those in Need


A core emphasis of our ministry is that none of us need to be trapped in past cycles of sickness, regardless of the damage. So instead of learning to manage your sicknesses, we would like the privilege of helping to show you that in Christ you can live free from your toxic pasts. Free, that is, from both the consequences of sin and the hurt of others.


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What We Bring to Pastors & Leaders


Servant-hood is the model Christ gave us of how to love both ourselves and others. But being a leader in the Church today can be mission impossible. As pastors and leaders we often seem to have few tools to help us, and those that we do have often seem to be outside the Church, not in it...




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What We Bring to Businesses


Introducing Putting People First (formely MTI Ltd) was started in 2001 to help carry the increasing opportunities for Peter, Susan and their colleague Martin Carnall to do business consultancy and training. As a result we are now a registered training centre offering qualifications in a variety of vocational and professional areas...



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